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Yep, you read that right – an elopement wedding. Back in the day, couples either eloped or planned a full wedding. There wasn’t much in between. But now, you don’t have to head to the courthouse if you can’t invite all 50 second cousins on your dad’s side. You have endless options for getting hitched the way you want. Experience a breathtaking outdoor ceremony in the hills of Austin, plan a relaxing destination wedding, or host a lovely micro wedding at your childhood home. A microwedding is a smaller-scale celebration, and has a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. Most often, micro weddings will have a quick ceremony and a more casual and relaxed reception or al fresco dinner. Do what makes you happy (and keeps you safe)!

After a decade of shooting wedding photography, I invited just 50 people to my own wedding – and that wasn’t because of a pandemic. I loved every minute of it because I was able to spend quality time with guests and take in each moment. I am a true believer in small, intimate weddings, and I can’t recommend them enough!

Micro Wedding or Elopement Wedding Definition: An intimate wedding gathering of 50 or fewer guests, sometimes on shorter notice. Micro weddings incorporate timeless traditions, but the event is planned on a smaller scale.

Now, with the uncertainty of the COVID-19, many couples are opting for micro weddings and elopements instead of the big shindig they might have originally envisioned. They’re fun to plan, and it’s easy to incorporate social distancing to protect yourself and the ones you love. And you can still get married without feeling bummed that your big day is getting postponed indefinitely.

Need a few more reasons to have an elopement wedding? We’ve got you covered:

5 Reasons to Have an Elopement Wedding (Plus 2 Best Austin Elopement Locations)

  1. Enjoy the Company.

Does the idea of a receiving line make you cringe? More than likely, you’d rather get in some quality (and more private) conversation with your guests. Smaller weddings accommodate a more authentic experience. You can mingle with everyone, converse over food and cocktails, and get down on the dance floor with those you love – and a little extra space. Put simply: it’s a blast!

  1. Splurge a Little…or a Lot.

    With a smaller guest count, you’ll have nicer food and beverage options without breaking the bank. You deserve to enjoy your favorite wine or signature cocktails during one of the best days of your life! And those cheesecake stuffed strawberries? Go for it!

    Not a foodie? Maybe you really wanted larger flower arrangements, live music, or *ahem* exceptional photography. Within the same budget, you can get quite a bit more plus an extra-personalized experience if you limit the guest count.

  2. Keep People safe.

    We love our elderly family members dearly…which is exactly why you don’t want them surrounded by 200 people during COVID-19. Inviting just your immediate family and closest friends will keep some of your more health-vulnerable loved ones safe.

    To help them feel involved, invite them to watch via live stream. After the wedding, send a few pictures or wedding announcements with a little note to express your love for them. Let them know they were with you in spirit.

  3. Celebrate with Your Nearest and Dearest.

We’ve all been there: We attended the wedding of a distant relative out of obligation, but in all honestly, after the wedding cake, we were ready to call it a night. You don’t want your guests to feel like that. This should be a day to remember for all of you! An elopement wedding or micro wedding is a great way to make (and capture) special memories together.

That being said, your wedding doesn’t need to impress other people – it just needs to represent you. Not only will you have a more meaningful and personalized experience with a smaller wedding, but your guests will, too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  1. Avoid Guilt.

A micro wedding or elopement frees you from choosing between certain friends and family who are not within your immediate circle. If you only invite your (truly) nearest and dearest, you don’t have to choose between or eliminate people. And more than likely, extended family members and distant friends will understand, too. Send them an elopement announcement to let them know you were thinking of them, and you may still get presents from those wishing you well on your new wedding journey! :)

So, you’re ready to set your elopement plans in motion, but where? Check out two of my favorite locations below (with pictures for inspiration)!

The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria

Anna and Bryan included their four kids as bridesmaids and groomsmen for a beautiful representation of blending the families. What a sweet day! Here’s glimpse.


Austin Micro Wedding Laguna Gloria ElopementsAustin Elopement PhotographerAustin Micro WeddingsCouples PortraitsIntimate Weddings

The foliage provides privacy and adds color to your images.

Micro Wedding Photography

The steps are perfect for bridal portraits and showcasing your wedding gown.

Family Wedding PortraitsWedding Photography Ideas

Laguna Gloria is an inclusive and creative venue that features gorgeous gardens and green lawns.

Laguna Gloria Photographer

The Italian Villa architecture provides a stunning backdrop with lots of texture and personality.

Austin Weddings

Chapel Dulcinea

Loni and Kory tied the knot by themselves. Of course, they brought along an officiant for the intimate ceremony and photographer to document. Here’s a peek at their Austin elopement.

getting ready

This hidden gem is the only free chapel within driving distance of Austin – and it’s now OPEN for small weddings. As of June 2020, they are only allowing 30 people in the chapel.

elopement photosAustin elopement photographercouples portraitsChapel Dulcinea AustinWedding Ceremony

They have installed cameras and microphones in the chapel so you can livestream your event, making it easy to share your day with extended friends and family, too!

Austin ElopementsHill Country Elopement

The views are incredible. This hilltop chapel features panoramic views of Austin’s rolling hills. Head up the staircase to a spacious balcony for the full effect. The chapel itself showcases beautiful timeless Spanish architecture – can you believe this venue is free?

elopement portraitsAustin wedding photographerChapel Dulcinea PhotographerCreative Wedding Photographs

Don’t forget to share your elopement or micro wedding with others. Need a professional, experienced wedding photographer to document the day while you live in the moment? I’d love to help! Inquire about packages or ask questions [HERE].

Ready to get hitched? Learn more about my upcoming Elopement Event – hint: you’ll think you’re in Vegas!


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