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Award Winning Female Entrepreneurs

Three Best Rated® found an opportunity to interview their award-winning business owners to learn more about them. Each woman transparently opened up her life story about how she not only overcame hurdles, but found success. And we believe that success is meant to be used and shared to provide inspiration for young entrepreneurs. So today I’m sharing this Award Winning Female Entrepreneurs Inspiration for Wedding Photographers video.

With so many young female entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their influential ventures, we thought we’d share some perspective from those of us who’ve managed a career of longevity. Collaborating with three other top-rated business owners in our fields, we put together a video to share our stories and provide motivation for others like us to keep going. All four of us believe in lifting each other up and encouraging other women toward success in their endeavors. We want to spark a trend of positively spurring each other on toward better rather than tearing each other down. If you’re just starting out, we’ve been there – and it is hard – but so very worth it! All of our answers were very spontaneous, and none of this is scripted. Some day when my daughter is older, I can’t wait to share this with her. The ending actually made me tear up, but I’ll let that part surprise you, like it did for me!

Thank you for honoring us as the best Austin wedding photographers, and for giving us a voice to help inspire the new generation coming up the ranks right now!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube! Share this video with those who need a little inspiration in their lives! Three Best Rated® wants to thank all the brave award winning female entrepreneurs who take a risk and willingly jump into the unknown. You continually inspire the future and current generations.


Dr. Jill Davis – Victory Hearing & Balance, Austin, TX – USA
Dr. Lamia Kadir, MD, PA, Austin, TX – USA
Tianna Roser, CCHT, RM – Awakening Transformation Hypnosis, Austin, TX – USA
Cory Ryan – Cory Ryan Photography, Austin, TX – USA

Production by:
Director: Jim Walters IV
Cameras: Kalani Sevigny
Editors: Marc Manzi, Regan Shepard & Ben Lustig

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