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These Austin Bat Mitzvah portraits were taken for a special girl leading up to her 13th birthday celebration, and are full of so much fun and personality!  The first session was with her horse, who is stabled in East Austin. That was a fun adventure in itself which ended with a rain storm, so we split it up and did the other half in downtown Austin for a more urban feel and variety in the photos. I love the juxtaposition of styles, I could not be more excited with how these photographs turned out! Both parts beautifully reflected her fun-loving personality. Years from now, I hope this young lady is able to look back on the photographs and remember what a momentous occasion this birthday was for her.

Country Stables to Urban Downtown

I loved getting to see the birthday girl with her with her horse. She has a deep connection with her four-legged friend. I could see the tight bond they have created after years of learning each other while out riding. She loves to give her horse sweet kisses, and I was so glad I was able to capture a photo of one!

At our next session, we started at French restaurant Le Politique since her Bat Mitzvah is Parisian themed. We were able to get some great pictures of her with the vibrant blue walls and vintage tiled flooring. Then, we bounced around 2nd Street District in Downtown Austin. That area is such a great location to stop and snap a few photos, walk a few more feet, and then stop to take a few more photos. It hosts an endless supply of unique backdrops all within a short walking distance, including the first photo below at the brand new Austin Proper Hotel.

For such a young lady, she has impeccable style! To start off, she kept it simple with a white tee and classic jeans. But then took it up a notch with that star spangled leather moto jacket! She was a rockstar! And of course, every rockstar has to have their aviator sunglasses. She knew how to work that look, too! I absolutely love the picture of her in her jacket and shades striking a pose with the 2nd Street Bridge in the background. We might have a model in the making! These portraits authentically represent who she is. We had so much fun, it seemed like the portrait sessions were wrapped up in no time. I can’t wait to share her Four Seasons Austin Bat Mitzvah photos with you soon — stay tuned in the coming months! (Hint: it’s going to be pretty epic!)

Are you celebrating a mitzvah milestone soon? I’d love to help you document it and make your special young person shine! Simply drop a line on my Contact Form to learn more.

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