Answers to Health & Safety Questions about COVID-19 | Don’t Let Coronavirus Ruin Your Wedding Day

Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) have you second guessing your upcoming wedding date? While cancelling a big event like a wedding is a huge blow for all involved – this is a major life event for you and your family, after all – remember that it also takes a toll on vendors and industry businesses as well. This post is designed as answers to health & safety questions about COVID-19, so that you don’t let coronavirus ruin your wedding day. Additionally, it covers our businesses’ cancellation and rescheduling policies.

Let’s get personal here for a second…. losing all of my South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) gigs and even a wedding is heartbreaking, not just for me as a wedding and event photographer, but for all of those involved who have planned, worked, and looked forward to these big events for so long! Can you imagine unexpectedly losing several months’ worth of needed income in the blink of an eye?

Our livelihoods depend on these bookings each month, so we can’t afford to take cancellations lightly. We know you can’t either as most wedding fees, deposits, and retainers are non-refundable. So, let’s work together to keep the show on the road during this crazy time.

That being said, as a wedding photographer, my highest priority is the safety of couples, guests, and our own photography team. We keep up with current developments and reputable sources in addition to staying connected with suppliers and other vendors to help you make smart decisions for your wedding day.  In this post, we’ll provide answers to common health & safety questions. Read more about best health practices for weddings during Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our recent blog post here

Answers to Health & Safety Questions about COVID-19Don’t Let Coronavirus Ruin Your Wedding Day

Answers to Health & Safety Questions about COVID-19 | Some questions you might have about your upcoming wedding day during a Coronavirus Pandemic may include:

  • Can I reschedule with vendors; and if so, how does that work?
  • What will wedding insurance cover?
  • Do I still have to pay my remaining balance if I cancel?

While we cannot answer for all vendors, we will answer those questions in regard to our own policies. To keep things going as smoothly as possible, Cory Ryan Photography will utilize our extensive industry network and will work to adjust timelines as needed, especially when it comes to receiving products and supplies for the wedding. We will work proactively to make your wedding vision come true and ease the planning process for you during this time.

For instance, if you decide to keep your wedding date, we, in conjunction with your team of vendors, will help you make safe adaptations. Some of these might include:

  • Bringing in sanitizing stations
  • Adjusting seating arrangements for more personal space
  • Adding a livestream option for guests who prefer to attend from afar – OR –
  • Adjusting guest count to immediate family and close friends
  • Serving plated dinners and cake instead of buffet-style
  • Having sanitation procedures in place
  • Celebrating outdoors (in fresh air) instead of close proximity indoors when possible
  • Hiring someone to manage or monitor photo booths or restrooms – any close quarters – and keep them sanitized throughout the event.

However, we realize that in the event of an extra-large wedding or wedding that takes place in less than ideal conditions, you may prefer to reschedule. Here’s what you need to know:

How to Reschedule a Wedding or Big Event with Cory Ryan Photography, specifically

  •  If you reschedule for any any date we still have available in 2020, we will transfer the retainer with no additional fees. Monday-Thursday rescheduled dates will receive a special bonus offer. Contact us for details!
  •  Rescheduling to a Saturday past July 2020 will require a $1,000 non-refundable rescheduling fee stated in the contract (due immediately), in addition to the final payment(s) still being due 2 weeks before your rescheduled wedding date.
  • We know this is unexpected for you as well and make every effort to work closely with our couples to find the best solution. With 2 full time photographers on staff, our hope is to be able to accommodate as many date changes as needed.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I reschedule for next year?

Unfortunately, we cannot move retainers to 2021 due to current bookings and price variation. However, we will do our best to accommodate date changes for 2020, which gives you 9 months to find a rescheduling date that works for everyone.

Can I cancel completely?

In the event of a cancellation, the remaining payment is due in full if the wedding is less than 30 days out. However, we would encourage you to consider rescheduling (see above), or making easy adjustments to your wedding day to ensure the safety of you and your guests. We will work hard to fulfill your wedding day vision while keeping up with safety recommendations given by the CDC.

What about Force Majeure?

Currently (as of March 2020), Force Majeure does not apply here and will not stand up in court as a reason to cancel as most contracts were originally written. Typically, Force Majeure covers natural disasters and other unforeseeable catastrophes, but widespread illness does not typically qualify in most legal contexts, although that may change in future contracts. Visit this National Law Review resource for further explanation in regard to Coronavirus.

 I have wedding insurance. Will that cover my cancellation?

Depending on how the wording is written, most wedding insurance companies are not currently covering cancellations due to Coronavirus. One exception may be if they consider your county’s State of Disaster or nation-wide State of Emergency, but it depends on the company. Most wedding insurances do not cover Force Majeure situations (if applicable).

What about other wedding vendors involved?

As this is an unforeseen circumstance with unclear guidelines, each vendor’s policy may vary. See each vendor’s contract for details.

This is uncharted territory we’re walking, and we will do our best to walk it with you and make the most of the situation. You deserve the wedding of your dreams, and we’re here to make sure that happens – while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Don’t let coronavirus steal your wedding day! We hope you’ve found these answers to Health & Safety Questions about COVID-19 helpful.

For additional questions and concerns, message us at Visit for more wedding tips and resources for brides & grooms.

Wedding During Coronavirus Epidemic

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