Tips for Bringing Your Dog to an Engagement Session or Wedding

We know that the loving bond we feel with our pets is incomparable. Our pets stick with us through thick and thin, while always loving us unconditionally. Our dogs have often been there from the start, and they’ll play an integral part in your lives after you tie the knot, helping your house feel like a home and a couple feel like a family. So we know that you might want to include your loyal companion in your engagement session! Ready to feature your furry friend in engagement session photos, or make your sweet puppy the ring bearer on the big wedding day? Below are our 6 best tips for bringing your dog to an engagement session. The tips are accompanied by inspiration photos from our  archives, and things to consider when adding some extra paws to your engagement session!

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6 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to an Engagement Session or Wedding
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bringing your dog to your engagement session

1.    Bring a Dog Wrangler (i.e. friend or family member)

We’ll need to get some intimate couple’s photos, so having someone to tend to your pet allows you to concentrate on being present when they aren’t in photo. They can also walk them around or even take your pup home halfway through if need be while your session continues. An extra helping hand is a must!

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2.    Exercise.

Take your pup to a dog park or open area to run before your session. Bring ball or whatever it takes to get all that energy out before photos so they are too tired to be crazy when it’s their time for photos.

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3.    Bribe.

If your dog responds to treats, bring some for the photographer to reward them for good behavior. Also consider bringing squeaky toys for your “wrangler” to use to help your dog focus – position them behind photographer’s head to direct your dog’s attention to the camera. This will often get your pooch to look right at the camera with their adorable ears perked up!

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Tips for Bringing Your Dog to an Engagement Session

4.    Always Bring a Leash.

Many public spaces are not leash free, and a leash will help your wrangler. Even if your dog responds to voice commands, you never know what could happen, and you’ll feel more relaxed knowing your dog is close by and safe at all times.

 Bringing Your Dog to an Engagement Session
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5.    Dog Friendly?

Don’t forget to confirm dogs are allowed at your engagement session location, especially if it’s a privately-owned location. Many do not allow pets. Make sure to bring bags and clean up after them, and be mindful of keeping your dog in pet-friendly areas.

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We love all pets – we’ll even photograph your guinea pig!
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6.    The Wedding Day!

If your furry friend does a good job at your session, consider them hired for the wedding! You could even get them cute doggie tuxedos or special collar floral wreaths, as seen in these weddings below! The two dog-friendly wedding venues featured below are Eden East (formerly Springdale Farm) in East Austin, TX and Ma Maison in Dripping Springs, TX.

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tips for dogs in your wedding
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Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Wedding
tips for dogs in your wedding

We hope you enjoyed our our 6 best tips for bringing your dog to an engagement session, by Austin engagement and wedding photographers Cory Ryan Photography. Check out some other couples who made their dogs a big part of their wedding day here! And if you are loving what you are seeing and want to book your own session or wedding day, reach out via our photography contact form here.

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