How to Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus

Sarah had it all planned out: she and her other half had been counting down the days until their big wedding. After months of coordinating with vendors, searching on Pinterest, and ironing out the details, it was finally ready! They couldn’t wait to exchange their vows and celebrate their marriage with the ones they love – their incredible friends and family who have supported them all along in their journey. This was going to one for the books!

Getting married home during coronavirus

Then, they turned on the news…

Just a few weeks to go until their wedding, and the infamous Coronavirus has flipped our lives upside down. Sarah was devastated, and she called us in a panic. Luckily, we found another date in late summer that worked for them and most of their vendors, too! The wedding would go on, even if it wasn’t the date they had originally chosen.

“So, what do I do now? I’ve been looking forward to our date for so long, and now I guess I will just be sitting in my pajamas watching Tiger King…”

I hated that Sarah felt so let down, so I told her, “No way! That date is still special. Go ahead and have a romantic at-home wedding just the two of you!” Are you in the same situation? Read on for my ideas on How to Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus.

How to Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus

Finding a Silver Lining

The silver lining during this pandemic is that couples can celebrate their marriage even longer! Whether you decide to go ahead and do a legal courthouse ceremony before you rescheduled wedding or if you’re just going to wait it out, there’s no reason you can’t still make your original wedding date special.

Weddings in the age of Coronavirus

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date with an At-Home Wedding,

or How to Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus

Coronavirus Wedding ideasHow to get ready for a home wedding

  1. Get Fancy!

    Get out of your PJs, and put on something nice. You can try on your wedding dress, or just wear something you feel beautiful (or handsome) in. If you don’t like what’s in your closet, order something new from BLHDN, Free People, Lulus (how pretty are these bridal rompers?!), or online-shop your local boutique!

    For the ladies, take some time to do your hair and makeup. Give yourself a spa day by relaxing in the tub, applying a face mask, and doing your nails.

    For the men – take a shower! Just kidding. In addition to the shower, give yourself a fresh shave and apply some face lotion or aftershave, and don something you would wear on a nice date.

    Take out meals during coronavirusOrder Catering for a wedding meal at home

  2. Order a Nice Dinner

    Many local restaurants are serving up delicious meals (with wine!) and making them available for pickup or even delivery. Austin Monthly has put together this list of restaurants in ATX who are offering takeout or delivery. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, have fun creating an epicurean masterpiece together! Check out these easy gourmet meal suggestions for inspiration. Also, don’t forget your wedding caterer (for the postponed big celebration) may be able to help too. Many Austin wedding caterers are offering curbside and delivery, so be sure to check out their offerings.

    DIY Home Wedding Decorations

  3. Decorate!

    Clear the clutter, add a tablecloth, light candles, and add centerpieces. If you have the supplies, go all out with balloons, flowers, or full place settings. Or, keep it simple. This is for you, so do what makes you happy. You could even head on over to Pinterest to research DIY wedding decor and other inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to turn on your favorite Pandora or Spotify station for romantic background music!

    Homemade wedding cocktails

  4. Serve Wine or Make Signature Cocktails

    If you already have the wine you ordered for your wedding, why not open a bottle for this special occasion? What better time to pop the champagne than on your wedding date?! Or, maybe you were in the middle of deciding on signature cocktails for your wedding when COVID hit. Try your hand in mixology by crafting drinks together. Here are a few wedding reception cocktail recipes to get you started.

    Elopement during COVID-19

  5. Livestream/Zoom

    Bring your friends and family to you by setting up a Zoom meeting. Let them know ahead of time so you can raise a few glasses together! The free version allows for an uninterrupted 40 minute call, but you could always upgrade your account if needed.

    Bride Writing Hand Written Vows

  6. Exchange Hand-Written Vows

    If you’ve already written them, read your vows to each other. Take advantage of this sweet, intimate time carved out just for the two of you. Then, seal it with a kiss. ;)

    Plan At-Home Wedding Coronavirus

  7. Make a Video & Take Photos

    You can still have all of the professional bridal portraits, couple’s portraits, and wedding day photos on your rescheduled wedding date, but don’t forget to document this sweet time, too. Make a video together on your phone, and take photos of your at-home wedding day. You have a unique story to tell your family about your wedding year, and these pictures will help you tell that piece of it! But, don’t get too caught up in the pictures or strive for perfection. It’s supposed to be fun – live in the moment!

    Coronavirus Wedding Ideas

  8. Make Memories

    What is your favorite thing to do together (while adhering to social distancing restrictions)? Watch a romantic movie, take a sunset walk (if possible), or just sit outside and enjoy the view together. We heard those Hunt a Killer and Date Night Boxes are pretty fun! Don’t forget to practice your first dance in the living room.

Getting Married at home during coronavirus

Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them! Drop a line below.

How to Reschedule Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Need help rescheduling your wedding? We can help! Check out our previous post to help with the postponing process, or connect with us on our Contact Form with questions. With all of the uncertainty, we’re here to partner with you in making your wedding vision a reality, no matter the circumstances. If you end up needing to do so, we hope this article helps you Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus!

Plan the Perfect At-Home Wedding During Coronavirus


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