Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

What to Wear (or Not) to Your Engagement Session

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1.     Dress Confidently

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear. When you feel confident, you look confident. While it’s fun to shop for new clothes, consider looking in your closet for your outfits that make you feel beautiful first. Don’t shy away from unique items that reflect your personality. Portray the best version of yourself, and lean towards classic clothes and silhouettes that are timeless.

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2.     Flatter Yourself

If you have parts of your body you’re less confident with, dress to camouflage them. Don’t like your arms? Avoid tank tops and strapless dresses. At the same time, if you have a part you love, show it off! Short pencil skirts will accentuate those long legs. Don’t forget to look at your outfit from all angles (including your backside) since we use a variety of poses. Consider some personal pampering to amplify your natural beauty by scheduling hair and makeup appointments or a blow bar session if you’re short on time. That confidence will reflect in photos!

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3.     Find YOUR Style

If time allows, create a mood board on Pinterest with ideas to mull over before purchasing new. Focus on being yourself, though, and not someone else’s Pinterest board.

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4.     Make a Statement

Consider one statement piece – a scarf in winter, a floppy summer hat in summer, or a colorful statement necklace that pops. Just stay away from things that clash or highly metallic items that will reflect unwanted light.

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5.     Coordinate with Complements

Think about how your outfit matches your fiancé’s. Go for matching tones – pastels, neutrals, jewel tones, primary colors, cool (greens & blues), warm (yellows & oranges), or chambray plus a color. The idea is to complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. We love bright colors, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

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6.     Change it Up

Consider bringing two outfits, and change in middle of session. Pick one more casual outfit and one dressier outfit for variety of looks. For dressy outfits, also consider the location when choosing shoes. If you are having trouble deciding, bring some options to the session, and we can help you style them and select favorite outfits for you both!

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7.     Plan it Out

Stilettos sink into wet ground and get heels dirty fast. If you can’t resist, consider something like these. When selecting colors of outfits, consider the environment at your location (as well as how many locations you want). For instance, avoid wearing green among outdoor greenery. In general, avoid small busy patterns (big plaid is fine, but small plaid not so much). Bring a layer to add on if the weather ends up being chillier than expected. If you sweat easily, don’t wear layers or long sleeves – find fabrics that breathe.

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