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As an Austin family documentary photographer, this was such a fun and unique session. I had an amazing time with this family, and I loved the challenge of documenting real life through photojournalistic images! This was a half-Day in the Life Session, meaning it was approximately 4 hours of coverage, instead of the full 8 hour day. I followed around a sweet family of 3 through their daily home life documenting simple little everyday moments as they naturally occurred. Day in the Life Sessions are great ways to make sure you never forget those special moments, especially during the extremely busy and demanding seasons of life when your children are still infants. The snuggles, the feeding, the baths, the diaper changes – those are all things you’ll be sentimental about when they are older. The new transition into parenthood can be such a huge change for everyone, that families are often overwhelmed and forget to document the love and chaos. I hope these photos help remind all the new parents out there to get a photographer lined up during that first year, at least once, if not more!

How Day In The Life Sessions Work

We started out the session in the same way they normally start their days, with their morning routine. They cuddled with baby on the couch and played airplane. Little one wanted to play with her wooden gym, so Dad laid her down on her adorable crocheted blanket, so Mom could grab a moment alone. Soon enough their puppy came to join her along with her stuffed bunny, and the three of them had a grand ole time. We were able to grab some great photos in their backyard before naptime too! I loved grabbing naptime photos. Her sleepy eyes were precious before she went down for a good snooze.

When she woke up, she was roaring to go again. So the whole family headed back outside to their backyard pool. I was able to get some great photos of Mom playing with her daughter in the water. Then it was time to get all cleaned up. Bath time was a family affair! Little Miss evidently does not like getting dried off, but Dad was a champ and soothed her through the process. That picture of her pouty face is just so real life and so precious! All that water made for a sleepy girl, so it was off to dreamland for her again. I loved getting to snag some pictures of Mom singing her to sleep through the cracked door. These were seemingly ordinary moments that I was able to bring a new light to and capture. I hope these bring you so much joy for years to come!

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