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Eye Candy Photography :: {Kathleen :: Just For Fun!}

Every once in a while, I get in creative moods when I just want to shoot something different just for fun! You know, keep that creative energy fresh and work on some personal projects. Well, it’s been 3 months since my Holga shows at Austin Art Garage and Thunderbird Coffee, so I figured it was time for something new. Which is when my alter-ago commercial company Eye Candy Photography comes into play! After hanging out with fellow Austin Fashion Awards nominee, hairstylist Martha Lynn Barnes a few times, I found out she felt the exact same way! And I met gorgeous model Kathleen Carmichael at my show opening at Thunderbird… the planets were aligning and I took this as a sign to finally organize a fun fashoin shoot. With Martha’s help, her talented colleague Alli Sato, who also works at Jose Luis Salon, came on board for make-up! And alas, here are the fruits of our labor… Enjoy!

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  • Heather Banks - Hey Cory,

    These are awesome, really fabulous job with the lighting and color and everything!

Bellanti Branding & Rock ‘N Realty

Smart and saavy business gals Beth Bellanti of Bellanti Branding & Nanette Labastida of RockNRealty combined forces for a super awesome double shoot at this gorgeous red Tarrytown home! Something about the bold color combined with these red hot business ladies just WORKS. It’s obvious from these photos you can be a successful business icon, while still bringing the sizzle! :)

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